Why I Promise You Will Like This Blog

Health and lifestyle is a subject of quotidian experience for everyone and everybody cares for his health in a way. Let’s see if you are the right place.

Do you like eating healthy and nutritious food?

Are you a person who loves positivity and positive auras?

Are you sensitive to looking good?

Keeping fit is an important aspect of your life?

If you have answered a BIG yes to all these questions, then this is surely the blog you will like.

Health is wealth

Nobody can deny this. To enjoy life at its best, you must be in good health. Eating healthy is primordial for good health and beautiful skin, hair and nails. Cooking your own food instead of buying junk food is one of the main steps into being a healthy person. Yes, you can allow yourself to eat outside maybe once in a while but not as often as people do nowadays. Going to the popular junk food outlets every week may not be a good idea and impacts greatly on your body. While cooking, it is preferable to stay away from the extra oil, salt and sugar. They cause damage to your health in the long run. I strongly recommend Mrs Archana Doshi ideas for healthy snack and lunch boxes,

Fashion is not a crime

You like keeping it neat and classy and fabulous and chic? I like it too. My blog will be updating the latest trends, to give you an idea of all the trends that I love. I am passionate about what to wear when I go out, how my hair is looking like, what shoes to wear, which bag would match and which accessories would complete my whole look. So readers, stay tuned to view my fashion picks.

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I have taken a picture of my new accessories to share with you.

Positive thinking

Positive energy, positive thoughts and a positive attitude towards life will bring you self-satisfaction and happiness. If you have a positive mindset, you are likely to attract all good things towards you. For example, waking up with a smile can set your whole day straight. I shall be giving you small tips on how to make it positive all the way.

So whether you are keen on healthy eating and keeping fit, looking good and positivity, there will surely be something on my blog that will have your attention and keep you glued to this space.


The Personal Voice

The “why” of my passion for Health and Lifestyle

Health and Lifestyle because it is inspiring and exciting to write about in my blog.  In this post particularly, I will be talking about my interest for this topic.

Kitchen has always attracted me. Having no brother or sister in the house, my best friend has been my mother and I’ve spent much time with her, in the kitchen. It may sound boring but I had a great fascination for food, the way my mother cooks it, the awesome taste, the aesthetic and recently about how nutritive food can be. I think I have to mention the fact that I am lacto-vegetarian and no animal flesh is cooked at my place. Eventually, I have certainly been exposed to less menus but I definitely know a lot about vegetarian plates. I am very keen on consuming ‘good food’ which is delicious as well as nutritious.

I believe that “you are what you eat” (Anthelme Brillat-Savarin) and what you eat is what shows on your face and your body. I do not believe skinny is healthy as a person with curves may be healthier than the one who is slim. Health is both internal and internal. Happiness and satisfaction have a handful impact on one’s health. As Robin Sharma rightly says, “the quality of the food you ingest affects the quality of your thoughts. In this information age, where rich ideas are the foundation of success, eating well is not just sound health practice. It is the foundation of success.”

My firm beliefs of lifestyle lie in ‘The Greatness Guide’ of Robin Sharma. I think he has the best tips and advices to inspire and motivate people in leading an extraordinary life. In my opinion, if you want a great life then do read “60 Tips for a Stunningly Great Life” by Robin Sharma and get inspired.

During my college days, I have been very active in sports as exercise is the best way to keep fit and fine. I practiced Yoga on a regular basis for 3 years, played volleyball at school and the one I love most is swimming which I still practice on a weekly basis.

Fashion is another element which inspires me. I am not a fashion-addict but I believe in class. I have my own style and I love shopping. Fashion is a key element in lifestyle so you will find more here.


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“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” George Elliot