Twitter Experience

I started using Twitter recently when introduced to the Web Publishing module. At first, it was difficult to understand the mechanisms of Twitter. I was moved from Facebook’s friend requests and friend lists to Twitter’s followers list and following list. The hash tag, very important tool in Twitter, helped me a lot to research about my topic which is Health and Lifestyle. I could hash tag any word related to my topic and I was sure to find something interesting. I remember the first hash tag I searched for is Health which led me to many top related people, top images and top videos. Eventually, I followed many magazines and health coaches who had great knowledge about health and lifestyle. I also hash tagged Fashion which gave me many results of fashion shops, fashion trends and celebrities. Eventually, I became used to this space and started loving it. I tweeted much about health using hash tag like diabetes. I also tweeted about fashion using the London Fashion Week hash tag. I prefer to use Twitter than Facebook for micro-blogging because it is more open to the public. On Twitter, one can tweet about an issue and add a hash tag which makes it accessible to anyone who searches the same hash tag. On the onset, I viewed Twitter’s 140 characters limit as a restriction but now I find it challenging and fun to make a statement in 140 characters. In my opinion, it is the forte of Twitter, as today people don’t read long sentences, they prefer skimming and Twitter is the place where you can find what is important in short sentences. I re-tweeted about interesting updates from health magazines I followed. Personally, I love Twitter and I will surely keep tweeting and re-tweeting for quite a while.


Consolidating your presence

Hello to everyone, just a quick note to explain why the blog has been revamped. I changed the theme from Elegant Grunge to Enterprise. Elegant Grunge was way too dark, thus I chose Enterprise because of its clarity and corporate look. Personally, I love white and I think it would be most appropriate for my topic as it is the color that perfectly depicts wellness. There was no background image so I added a black and white picture of a fork and a knife which replicates itself and this adds to the elegance of the blog. This picture is highly relevant to my topic as it denotes healthy eating and lifestyle. This mix of elegance and whiteness will surely keep readers glued to this space as it will captivate their attention. I have added a blogroll on the right side of the blog so as to keep links with other blogs I found interesting and relevant. The reader can also link to other sites and fan pages from the Links section. This surely adds to the professionalism and credibility of the blog. Finally, the motive of revamping the blog was to make it more professional than it was before. 

The Attention Economy

Henna: Hello Rhea, I assume you know a lot about organic food. Tell me how is it better than conventional?

Rhea: Hi. I bet it is the recent study by the Stanford University about organic and conventional food that has grabbed your attention. Naming a few:

1)      Organic farming is environment friendly.

2)      It uses sustainable agricultural techniques.

3)      It uses natural methods of weed, pest and fungus control.

4)      It restricts the use of genetically-modified organisms and synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

5)      It effectively preserves the soil fertility.

So, Henna what do you think about throwing all the pesticides away and starting a new way of farming which is ecological and better health-wise? It is not strange that Mauritians are keeping pace with organic/bio farming. Farmers have started cultivating organic rather than conventional for fruits like papaya, banana, vegetables such as tomato, potato and lettuce and meat like chicken and ducks.

The government is encouraging households to produce their own fruits and vegetables so as the country imports less from outside and becomes self-sufficient in the near future.

With food prices on the rise and concern over pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables produced in bulk, Mauritian households have started doing organic farming for their personal use. Consuming home grown fruits and vegetables is safer, saves money and are of better quality as they are pesticide free.

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Homegrown and organic farming on small scale shows that even urban and suburban residents can grow their own vegetables in easy to find plots and spaces. Mauritian households are now seen with gardens in backyards, cultivation of vegetables on rooftops, in their balcony and in flowerpots. I took this picture on my visit to a nearby organic farm.

Finally Henna, organic farming/food is the way to go because its environment friendly and better for health. The study may prove that organic food is as nutritious as conventional but it is an undeniable fact that the former is better and worth its cost. Personally, I recommend sticking to organic because it is pesticide free unlike conventional. In this age of environmental degradation and all types of pollution, organic is ecological and producing organic food is caring for the environment.

Henna: Thanks for the clarifications Rhea and I am going to take some time out of my week-end and start growing my own pesticide free organic food in a free space around my house.

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